VBingo Info

Familiarize yourself with the following

VBINGO HOTLINE – When you have a Bingo Call 403-455-2238

VBingo is playing paper bingo from the comfort of you own home via YouTube.

You can come to the Bingo Barn Daily 12pm – 7pm(*8:30pm on latenight VBingo events) to purchase cards and claim prizes.

We play VBingo daily;

  • Monday/Friday/Saturday @ 6:00pm
  • Tuesday/Wednesday @ 1:00pm
  • Thursday/Sunday @ 9:00pm

Card prices are $ 14 for a 6up and $21 for a 9up. Double Action $2 per card

Schedule of events and selling times

Beginning Monday Dec 14th, 2020 we will be doing VBingo on an enhanced schedule;

Upcoming VBingo schedule will be;

  • Friday Feb 26th @ 6pm – Caller will be Chris
  • Saturday Feb 27th @ 6pm – Caller will be Roy
  • Sunday Feb 28th @ 9pm – Caller will be Lori
  • Monday March 1st @ 6pm – Caller will be Al
  • Tuesday March 2nd @ 1pm – Caller will be Lori
  • Wednesday March 3rd @ 1pm – Caller will be Ken
  • Thursday March 4th @ 9pm – Caller will be Ken
  • Friday March 5th @ 6pm – Caller will be Wes
  • Saturday March 6th @ 6pm – Caller will be Chris
  • Sunday March 7th @ 9pm – Caller will be Lori

** Please note the callers may change last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.

Rules of Play

Column Payouts and Patterns

We broadcast over YouTube