VBingo Info

Familiarize yourself with the following

VBingo is playing paper bingo from the comfort of you own home via YouTube.

You can come to the Bingo Barn this week Fri 10am – 7pm and Sat 10am – 12pm to purchase cards and claim your prizes.

Card prices are $ 14 for a 6up and $21 for a 9up.

Schedule of events and selling times

For the week of June 8th;

  • Saturday June 13th @ 1pm – cards now on sale

VBingo for week of June 15th, 2020

  • Tuesday June 16th Evening – 6pm see schedule below for card times
  • Thursday June 18th Evening – 6pm see schedule below for card times
  • Sunday June 21st Afternoon – 1pm see schedule below for card times

Cards will be on sale;

  • Friday June 12th 10am – 7pm for Sat/Tue/Thur
  • Saturday June 13th 10am – 12:30pm for Sat/Tue/Thur
  • Sunday June 14th 10am – 5pm for Tue/Thur/Sun
  • Monday June 15th 10am – 7pm for Tue/Thur/Sun
  • Tuesday June 16th 10am – 5:30pm for Tue/Thur/Sun
  • Wednesday June 17th 10am – 2pm & 4pm – 7pm for Thur/Sun
  • Thursday June 18th 10am – 5:30pm for Thur/Sun
  • Friday June 19th 10am – 7pm for Sun
  • Saturday June 20th 10am – 5pm for Sun
  • Sunday June 21st 10am – 12:30pm for Sun

Rules of Play

Column Payouts and Patterns

We broadcast over YouTube