UPDATE: COVID 19 – Coronavirus (Updated March 25th, 2020)

At the Bingo Barn the health and safety of our staff, volunteers and players is
our number one priority. At this time we’ve decided to close until further notice.

We will update you if this date changes.

We hope you will take this time to take care of yourself and stay safe.

From all of us at the Bingo Barn we want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we all enter uncharted waters.

We hope we will see everyone back in the hall in the near future for a great game of bingo at the Bingo Barn – The Place to Play Everyday!

Please watch our website for ongoing updates.

Please refresh this page for new results – if you do not refresh, your browser may be providing you with outdated information.

If you have questions about the above mentioned, please Contact 403-273-8100


Late Night

Progressive Bonanza

Rolls through all eventsALL Events
$830050 #’S OR LESS

Daily Pots

Houdini Info

Pot 1 Aft/Eve$367
Pot 2 Aft/Eve$646
Pot 3 Mor/LN$517
Pot 4 Mor/LN$0
Match Ball Aft/Eve$1052
Match Ball Mor/LN$214
Houdini (Mor/LN)$512
Bingo on the Magic Ball win the potPlayoff:
Houdini (Aft/Eve)$3267
Bingo on the Magic Ball win the pot Playoff:

Double Action

Double Action (Mor/LN)$1000
35 #’s or lessPlayoff: TBA
Double Action (Aft/Eve)$7000
35#’s or lessPlayoff: TBA

Sweet Pots

6-4-Baseball (Aft/Eve/LN)$7000
27 #’s or lessPlayoff: TBA
Nickle Pot (Aft/Eve/LN)$5000
9 #’s or lessPlayoff: TBA

Saturday Super Bonanza **

Column 3 or higher Prizes increase as columns go up
Saturday AfternoonBonanza $850 **
Saturday EveningBonanza $1400**