About Us



Changes coming to the Bingo Barn – Over the next few weeks we will be making some changes at the Bingo Barn.

After feedback from our Amazing Players we are looking at the following changes;

  • Increased Payouts on Special Games (Higher percentage of card sales will go to the Main Prize)
  • Door Prizes at ALL EVENTS
  • Bonanza will increase numbers. Once the reserve pot is capped the number needed to win the Main Progressive $15,000 will increase by 1 number every 2 days. If not won by the 13th day, it will be played off on the 14th day.
  • Increase through columns 1-3 faster = bigger payouts
  • Game changes
  • Patterns changes.

We have to play off the pots in order to make these changes so it will take about 6 weeks tom implement all the changes.

The first few changes will be in place starting Monday June 17th.

Come on down to the Bingo Barn and give us a try 🙂

Check out our video for Bingo Alberta Live displaying our VBingo – Virtual Bingo, play bingo from the comfort of your home, your campsite or even in your car in a parking lot… click on the VBingo tab for more details.

Progressive Bonanza – We start the pot at 48#’s or less and add $ 175 at each afternoon, evening and latenight event. Once the pot reaches $15,000 we will schedule a playoff within 14 days.


We will not invite, encourage, nor permit under 18 to gamble and will maintain appropriate age verification systems and procedures, including:

 + Users under the legal age are prohibited from participating in gambling.

 + Underage gambling is an offence.

 + You will be required to show proof of age if requested to affirm that they you of legal age.

 + We regularly reviewing your age verification systems

 + We train our staff to ask for ID as required;

Mission Statement

The 33rd Street NE Community Bingo Association (Bingo Barn) is a non-profit society formed to conduct and manage fundraising activities in a socially responsible manner for the benefit of both players and local charities.

Bingo helps charities across the province meet some of their financial demands, help parents keep their kids in a multitude of activities such as baseball, hockey, dance soccer, swimming, band, etc.

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