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COVID-19 UPDATE Good afternoon valued players! After much discussion and consultation with AGLC and Bingo Alberta the Bingo Barn has made the decision to participate in the Restriction Exemption Program.

Without implementing the Restriction Exemption Program we would not be able to open the concession and you would not be permitted to bring in any outside food. You would also be restricted to where and who you could sit with. This decision will allow us to keep our concession and bingo hall open with little disruption. It will also keep players, staff and volunteers safest.

The only restriction that will be in place is masking. Masks must now be worn at ALL times. While you are seated you can remove your mask BUT, when a staff or volunteer approach your table you MUST put your mask back on.

Therefore, effective Monday, September 20, anyone coming into the hall will have to show proof of having at least one vaccine a minimum of 14 days prior to attending the bingo hall and by October 25, having both vaccines. You will need to show picture ID along with your vaccination records. This can be the card made available by the government or the sheets you received when you had your vaccination. We understand this will upset some players, however, we feel we must do our part to keep everyone safe during this pandemic.

This decision was not made lightly and we understand everyone may not agree but we do ask that you to respect it. Please do not argue or harass the staff or volunteers, they are just following the directions given to us by the Alberta Government.

If you feel uncomfortable coming into the hall or prefer not to disclose your vaccination information, we remind you that we continue to offer VBingo. You can come into the hall and pick up your cards but, you must still show proof of vaccination. Otherwise you can call us with your order and we can offer curb-side pickup.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and your ongoing support during these strange times.

All the best, Bingo Barn Management

Check out our video for Bingo Alberta Live displaying our VBingo – Virtual Bingo, play bingo from the comfort of your home, your campsite or even in your car in a parking lot… click on the VBingo tab for more details.

We have lots of safety protocols in place to keep our staff, players and volunteers safe while they are in the hall.

  • Sanitation when you enter the building.
  • Masks are worn by staff/volunteers when on the floor
  • Masks MUST be worn by players when walking around the hall and if approached by a staff/volunteer at your table.
  • Social distancing markers on the floor
  • Plexiglas between staff/volunteers and players at the tills, island, lottery and concession.
  • Sanitizer on the tables for extra use
  • Social distancing in the washrooms

We hope you will work with us to ensure we keep everyone safe and keep our door open. If there is anything we can do to help please let us know.

Donna & Chris

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Mission Statement

The 33rd Street NE Community Bingo Association (Bingo Barn) is a non-profit society formed to conduct and manage fundraising activities in a socially responsible manner for the benefit of both players and local charities.

Bingo helps charities across the province meet some of their financial demands, help parents keep their kids in a multitude of activities such as baseball, hockey, dance soccer, swimming, band, etc.

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