About Us


COVID-19 UPDATE Good afternoon valued players!

There are currently no COVID-19 Protocols in place for players. Masks are optional if you wish to wear them and we still ahve plexiglass in place. We are still doing extra cleaning of the programs, indicator cards etc as well as nightly cleaning.

We still have sanitizer available throughout the hall and we still ask anyone not feeling well to visit us at a different time.

We thank for your support over the past couple years and we hope you will continue to support our hall and the Charities we support.

All the best, Bingo Barn Management

Check out our video for Bingo Alberta Live displaying our VBingo – Virtual Bingo, play bingo from the comfort of your home, your campsite or even in your car in a parking lot… click on the VBingo tab for more details.

Progressive Bonanza – We start the pot at 48#’s or less and add $ 175 at each afternoon, evening and latenight event. Once the pot reaches $60,000 the number needed to win will increase the following day and then once per month until won. (the number goes up the following day, ie if the pot caps at an afternoon event, the next day the number will be increased)


We will not invite, encourage, nor permit under 18 to gamble and will maintain appropriate age verification systems and procedures, including:

 + Users under the legal age are prohibited from participating in gambling.

 + Underage gambling is an offence.

 + You will be required to show proof of age if requested to affirm that they you of legal age.

 + We regularly reviewing your age verification systems

 + We train our staff to ask for ID as required;

Mission Statement

The 33rd Street NE Community Bingo Association (Bingo Barn) is a non-profit society formed to conduct and manage fundraising activities in a socially responsible manner for the benefit of both players and local charities.

Bingo helps charities across the province meet some of their financial demands, help parents keep their kids in a multitude of activities such as baseball, hockey, dance soccer, swimming, band, etc.

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